Global Field Services

Over time your internal CBM Program requires tune-up. KVR Reliability has many years of experience conducting various technology CBM programs in both Caribbean & global industrial sectors. We evaluate all aspects of your company’s internal CBM efforts which includes technology deployment, personnel training/competency levels, and processing of results.

Improve the health of your equipment to maximize uptime and productivity. Contact us to learn more about this service & our products for Condition-Based Monitoring.

Did you know that temperature is the 2nd most measured variable in the world? Cost effective power management is essential to maintaining the reliability of your electrical and mechanical systems in your company. Our instruments & thermography specialists show you thermal issues, quantifies them with precise non-contact temperature measurement, and documents them within a report. Combine Infrared Imaging with route-based vibration analysis to enhance both operations providing a greater level of confidence in all phases of your maintenance and production operations.

Imbalance of rotating equipment adversely affects quality, productivity, wear, operator fatigue, and power consumption. KVR Reliability Global Field Services brings to you precision balancing of your equipment, in-place and at speed, with minimal impact on production. Our team of highly skilled & experienced engineers will correct the imbalance on your machinery without the need for a costly teardown and removal, so you save both time & money.

Our Reliability Engineers possess many years of experience with single and dual plane balancing techniques, using precision, portable equipment. We collate a detailed report analyzing the vibration signature of your equipment with comprehensive before and after balance results.

“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”. This is especially true when it comes to understanding some of the complex, dynamic problems that plague operating machinery. Modal Analysis and Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Analysis help visualize and better understand the root cause and determine the right fix for even the most difficult structural and mechanical problems.

We are able to provide this cutting-edge technology that allows a vibration analyst to see minute amounts of machine movement that would ordinarily be invisible to the naked eye. Using Iris M, a revolutionary video-processing and software package developed by RDI Technologies, our analysts use a high speed, high-definition camera to collect video data. The software and processing algorithms detect subtle motion and amplify it, essentially converting every pixel into an independent sensor, creating millions of data points in a matter of seconds. Interested? Contact us to learn more about KVR Reliability’s Motion Amplification Service.

Did you know that compressed air is one of the most expensive utility that is supplied throughout most facilities? If ignored, this distribution system can develop many leaks, which will result in an increase of air usage also operational expenses.

KVR Reliability’s Ultrasonic Surveys can be very beneficial to your company by locating undetected air and gas leaks. Ultrasonic sensing equipment allows for the survey to be conducted during production when all systems are in use so there is no need to wait until an outage or when equipment is shut down for maintenance.

Here in the Trinidad & Tobago & the Caribbean, our vibration analysis services are unrivaled to identify and measure the condition of our industrial clients’ high-performance equipment. We provide custom, detailed reports with our vibration analysis results in a comprehensive and easy to understand package.

You would never buy new tires for your vehicle without also having them balanced and ensuring your vehicle is aligned, right?

What would happen? The life span of the tires will be reduced dramatically and the transmitted vibration throughout the vehicle will loosen components and over work key components, shortening the life span of the overall vehicle life and resulting in increased maintenance costs.

Remote Monitoring and Analysis of plant machinery is a proven technology that can be used to complement a conventional condition based monitoring program in order to improve reliability, equipment life, and worker safety. KVR Reliability can monitor multiple machines simultaneously and remotely provide diagnostic services. We have successfully implemented Remote Monitoring and PMP programs for many industrial facilities in the Caribbean & globally.

We provide service offerings that range from advanced machinery vibration analysis and performance benchmarking to troubleshooting and diagnostics utilizing a wide range of dynamic and process data. The types of data involved can be acoustics, pressure, force, tension, load, strain, and vibration among many others. Contact us to learn more about our Advanced Testing Services

Ternion is an innovative condition monitoring service created with the client in mind. How so? It’s designed to break down barriers that have prevented many companies from experiencing the cost-saving value of vibration monitoring for their machine assets. Contact us to learn more about this service!

If you need to identify shaft failure modes, understand drive control characteristics, or measure the loading conditions to properly size gears, spindles, and couplings, then Torque Testing is exactly what you need. We have the ability to measure and analyze the true Torque signature which can be of tremendous value. Torque testing can accurately capture what occurs during machine starts, process changes, TAFs (Torque Amplification Factor), and intermittent process-related events.

Our resources give us the ability to rapidly deploy and resolve even the toughest rolling mill, grinder chatter and product quality issues in the harshest of industrial environments. While other service providers focus on saving bearings, we are focused on analyzing and improving your process, production, and bottom line.