Advanced integration solution for maintenance, operations, and safety teams

Maxavera is an integration software solution that communicates and connects multiple systems together. It transfers all necessary information such as work orders, operation/task lists, work center, personnel, and equipment details, and past and active permits, between systems so that all workers, teams, and departments are working with the same data. Maxavera has preconfigured integration packs for common integrations, but has the flexibility to integrate nearly all EAM software, including in-house built solutions.

An organization isn’t locked into complex, expensive, proprietary middleware platforms and provides an end-to-end solution for your integration needs.

Key Benefits

Quick Access to all Transferred Data

Fast data transfer speeds using proprietary technology provides quick access to information held in multiple systems.

Eliminates Information Silos Across Teams

Access to data across multiple systems allows any and all teams working on an STO to easily view the same data, lessening the chance of miscommuication.

Maxavera Connector Studio

All integration solutions leverage the Maxavera Connector Studio (MCS) product when transferring data in and out of databases. MCS is one of the most reliable integration technologies in the industry and is continuously updated to stay compatible with new software releases.

Avoid Data Duplication

Increase data accuracy by eliminating duplicate manual data entry; all transferred data is synced with all other systems integrated with Maxavera.

Complete Process Automation

A first-rate solution that simplifies and automates your scheduling process to support your operations and maintenance workflows and large projects such as a STO event.

Seamless Integration of Multiple Systems

Intelligent integration hub that supports seamless communication for planning, scheduling, work management systems, processes, and financial information.


Dynamic Field Mapping

Create a dynamic field map that doesn’t force you to adhere to the original field mapping layout, a team can make changes to the field map as priorities and work requirements shift.

Open Standards

Maxavera is an open standards-based solution and will run on any J2EE compliant application server platform including Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere.

Logging and Notifications

Access to a rich logging framework provides a team notifications for errors, warnings and high-level feedback on any issues that occurred during data transfer and whether special attention is required; the attached data log provides a team with the ability to search for specific records to determine what exactly happened during transfer.

Version Freedom

Maxavera utilizes a loose coupling architecture which eliminates the risk of version incompatibilites; teams can mix and match versions and can upgrade systems independently without “breaking” the integration.